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Now that over half of humanity is connected to the internet, do we see greater levels of representation of, and participation from, previously digitally disconnected populations? Or are our digitally dense environments continuing to amplify inequalities rather than alleviate them? Our team is examining digital geographies at global, national and urban scales. This website serves as a visual gallery of our work. Learn more about our work and our team.


  • Why is [x] so rich / poor?
    These maps show what properties Google Autocomplete adds to 'Why is so...'
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    The World as Seen by a Search Algorithm
  • The Geographically Uneven Coverage of Wikipedia
    This map points out the highly uneven spatial distribution of (geotagged) Wikipedia articles.
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    Geographically Uneven Coverage of Wikipedia
  • Local Internet Use In Britain
    The map shows percentage of Internet users in local authority districts across Britain.
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    Internet Use in Britain
  • Density of Photographs in Panoramio
    This map represents the location of photographs on one of the largest photo-sharing web platforms.
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    A World's Panorama
  • Academic Knowledge and Language
    This visualisation shows the distribution of scientific journals, and their impact factors.
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    Academic Knowledge and Language
  • Broadband Affordability
    This map presents the relationship between average yearly income and broadband subscription cost.
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    Broadband affordability