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  • Why is [x] so rich / poor?
    The World as Seen by a Search Algorithm
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    These maps show what properties Google Autocomplete adds to 'Why is so...'
  • The Geographically Uneven Coverage of Wikipedia
    Geographically Uneven Coverage of Wikipedia
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    This map points out the highly uneven spatial distribution of (geotagged) Wikipedia articles.
  • Local Internet Use In Britain
    Internet Use in Britain
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    The map shows percentage of Internet users in local authority districts across Britain.
  • Density of Photographs in Panoramio
    A World's Panorama
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    This map represents the location of photographs on one of the largest photo-sharing web platforms.
  • Academic Knowledge and Language
    Academic Knowledge and Language
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    This visualisation shows the distribution of scientific journals, and their impact factors.
  • Broadband Affordability
    Broadband affordability
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    This map presents the relationship between average yearly income and broadband subscription cost.